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Learn More about Body Sugaring

Learn more about why the body sugaring method is preferred by many for unwanted body hair removal!

Sugar Is a Pure, Natural Substance

Alexandria Body Sugaring paste is made from 100% natural ingredients that is not animal tested and does not cause any harmful or allergen-based side effects. The paste is so natural you can eat it!

Sugaring Is More Sanitary

Cross contamination in a waxing room is always a danger, especially since bacteria will breed inside of a wax jar. Since our sugaring paste has such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot breed in it. Sugar is so sanitary, in fact, that it was used to heal wounds during the Civil War! Sugar promotes healing, prevents infections, is hypoallergenic and does not clog pores.

Sugaring Can Extract Short Hairs

Alexandria Body Sugaring requires less than 1/4 inch of hair for our process (typically ten to fourteen days of growth after shaving).

Sugaring Will Not Break Hairs

One of the most common frustrations of those who wax is early re-growth due to broken hairs. In the Alexandria Body Sugaring technique, the paste wraps around the hair shaft, making it pliable. At the same time, the paste seeps below the mouth of the follicle, lubricating the hair to make extraction more complete and gentle. The hair is then eased out of the follicle in its natural growth direction, which helps ensure the hair is extracted intact. Because of the direction of extraction, you will feel little to no discomfort.

Sugar Is Cooler than Wax

Alexandria Body Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature, which makes it safe for all areas of the body and removes any risk of burning.

Sugar Is Easier to Clean Up than Wax

Since wax contains resins, chemical solvents are required to remove it from floors, equipment, clothing, etc. Alexandria Body Sugaring paste can be easily cleaned up with water—from both you and your clothes.

Sugaring Promotes Healthy Skin

Sugaring exfoliates your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Repeated Treatment Leads to Permanency

After each treatment, the hair follicle depletes somewhat and will grow in finer than it was before, and this can lead to permanency. You will see superior results after only a few treatments, and some clients see these results after their first treatment.

The Bottom Line: body sugaring produces results that you can both see and feel! Call us today to book an appointment and try body sugaring at any one of our three locations.

Loyalty Program
$10 off for every $200 spent

Cash Days

Pay cash and receive 15% off
Wednesdays and Fridays, Ness location
Mondays, Waterfront location

Prices List: Ladies

Eyebrows: $19.95

Lip or chin: $17.95

Lip and chin: $23.95

Full face: $32.95

Underarms: $23.95

Full arms: $38.95

Bikini: $29.95

Bikini plus: $36.95

L.A. bikini (Brazilian): $44.95

1/2 Legs: $42.95

Full legs: $68.95

We offer 20% off body sugaring for youths 15 and under.

Price List: Men

Back or Chest: $42.95

1/2 Legs: $43.95

Full legs: $69.95

Full arm: $39.95

Bikini: $46.95

L.A. bikini (Brazilian): $91.95

*Prices subject to change without notice, and taxes are applicable to all services. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

New Services at Our Ness Location

At our Ness location we are offering some new services, just in time for the exciting upcoming holiday season. Book your appointment today for an up-do, blowout, style and lash extensions, along with your body sugaring treatment. Feel great, look great, you got this!!!!

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